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Tolsia High School



Welcome to the Home of Tolsia Rebels! 

Mission Statement:

The mission of Tolsia High School is:
"Tolsia High School knows that all students can reach their potential in integrity, leadership, and responsible citizenship while achieving college and career readiness. As such, it is the duty of the school to increase student engagement, utilize data and develop effective professional learning communities."


We have high expectations that children can and will learn. Tolsia High School strives to maximize the child's social, physical, emotional, moral, and intellectual development in a global society.

Tolsia High School, a consolidation of Crum High School and Fort Gay High School, opened its doors on January 18, 1988 in Glen Hayes, WV.  The primary purpose of the Rebels focuses on student achievement and preparation toward successful futures. Tolsia High School has enjoyed great successes in several academic and athletic endeavors, and the future of students, faculty, and staff remains promising with continued hard work and support from everyone in surrounding communities.

Tolsia in the News


   *Tolsia High School Press Release*

Date: April 8th, 2019  

From: Mr. Ric Morrone, Tolsia High CTE Administrator

    Tolsia High School Partners with

State to Stop Drinking and Driving

     Tolsia High School was recently visited by the West Virginia Department of Revenue, Alcohol Beverage Control Administration. The visit was in conjunction with the 6th Annual NO School Spirits PSA contest. Tolsia High’s Broadcast program was being honored with the first prize presentation from Governor Jim Justice as part of the program.

    Tolsia High Students and staff also participated in the driving simulator activities related to combating drinking and driving. The season for proms and graduations is upon us and Tolsia High students want to take a stand against the dangers of drinking and driving. Through the public service announcement that was created for the contest and the large number of students that participated in the Driving Simulator Tolsia High students gained valuable knowledge and experiences. This type activity may serve to help to diminish the occurrences of drinking and driving as well as underage drinking.

     Tolsia High School Assistant Principal Mr. Ric Morrone said, “Tolsia High School is very active in providing opportunities for our students to participate in activities that provide positive life lessons for the students. We feel this is a part of the process for students to be responsible citizens and for future success.  Tolsia High always pursues the goal of aiding our graduates to be college and career ready upon graduation.”

  • For more information regarding this or any other programs at Tolsia High School contact Tolsia High Principal Paula Staley at (304)646-5566.

*Tolsia High Career-Technical Press Release*

Date: April 5th, 2019

From: Mr. Ric Morrone, Tolsia High CTE Administrator 

            TOLSIA HIGH JROTC Claims State Raider Championship

     The Tolsia High School JROTC Raider Team has been drawing attention with their recent successes in the competitions all season. The Tolsia High JROTC participated in the West Virginia State Raider Competition at Capital High School in Charleston, WV on March 30th, 2019. They faced 11 other West Virginia JROTC Raider Competition Teams from all class size schools including A, AA, and AAA.

     The West Virginia State Raider Championship Trophy will once again reside in Glenhayes, West Virginia, the home of the Tolsia High School Rebel Battalion.

The Tolsia High JROTC Raider Team claimed its second West Virginia State Title, they won the title in 2017 as well.  The Overall Results for the competition were: 1st Place Tolsia High School, 2nd Place Riverside High School, 3rd Place Spring Valley High School. Tolsia also won first place in the Logistics Relay, Litter Carry and 5K Run competitions as well.

     Tolsia High JROTC Instructor Sargent Major Thomas Francis said, “the Tolsia High School JROTC program is a truly inspiring group of young people. They continue to earn victories over AA and AAA schools, despite being a small single A school. Tolsia High School JROTC earned the WV State Raider Championship in 2017 as well. It is greatly rewarding to see these young folks achieve success and grow a legacy of greatness as Raider champions.” 

For more information regarding Tolsia High JROTC Raider team please contact SGM Francis or SGT Lambert at (304) 648-8258.

****    Tolsia High School Press Release ****

Date: March 22nd, 2019

From: Mr. Ric Morrone, Tolsia High School CTE Administrator

Tolsia Carpentry Helping Tolsia Lady Rebels Basketball

     Tolsia High Carpentry students recently completed work on a Simulated Workplace Project. The project was in conjunction with the Tolsia High Girls Basketball Team. The basketball team was looking to complete a long awaited locker room renovation project this season. The Rebel Construction Company under the leadership of Tolsia High Carpentry Instructor Eric Crum stepped up to the challenge. 

     The Career-Technical Programs in Wayne County Schools follow the Simulated Workplace Program developed by the West Virginia Dept. of Education. The programs in the high schools are set up as an actual company and the students are employees that operate the Simulated Company. Tolsia High’s Carpentry program was an original pilot program for the Simulated Workplace Program in West Virginia. The company, Rebel Construction operates out of Tolsia High School in Glenhayes, West Virginia.

         Mr. Eric Crum, Tolsia High Carpentry Instructor said, “We are excited to partner with our Girls Basketball team to meet a need and give our students valuable experience. This is a great   extension of our Simulated Workplace Program.”  Tolsia Lady Rebel Head Coach Ric Morrone added, “We are so blessed to have such a great carpentry program under Mr. Eric Crum. Mr. Crum and his students have done a tremendous job on the project and on behalf of all our players and staff we say Thank You!”

For more information regarding Tolsia High CTE Programs contact: Mr. Ric Morrone CTE Administrator Tolsia High School, (304) 648-5566.

  *Tolsia High School Press Release*

Date: March 26th, 2019  

From: Mr. Ric Morrone, Tolsia High CTE Administrator

Rebel Construction” Competes at Skills USA West Virginia State Competition

     The Tolsia High School Carpentry Program recently competed at the West Virginia Skills USA competition held in Fairmont, West Virginia. The program through its Simulated Workplace Company, “Rebel Construction” was able to finish third place in the state in the Teamworks Competition.

      The Tolsia High Career-Technical Education Program in Carpentry is led by instructor Mr. Eric Crum and Mr. Alvra Adams, Skills USA sponsor. This was the first year that Tolsia High competed in the Teamworks Competition at Skills USA West Virginia. The competition is unique in that it incorporates a team approach to the competition. The teams are given their tasks in the competitions in specific areas and have to work together to achieve success.

     Rebel Construction performed exceptionally well for the first foray into the Teamworks competition this year. Tolsia High Career-Technical Administrator Mr. Ric Morrone said, “I am very proud of our students. They performed very well and this type of competition truly gives them real-world experiences of working together to achieve a goal. I want to thank Wayne County Schools and Tolsia High School for giving our students the opportunity to participate in programs such as Skills USA. This is one more example of how we strive to prepare our students to be college and career ready when they leave Tolsia High School.”

Recognition For High Completion Status
Recognition For High Completion Status

*Tolsia High School Press Release*

Date: March 21st, 2019

From: Mr. Ric Morrone, Tolsia High CTE Administrator

Tolsia High School Students Visit State Capitol

Tolsia High School students recently visited the state Capitol in Charleston, West Virginia. The trip was coordinated by Tolsia High Social Studies Teacher Mr. Mark Marcum. The group was able to visit several sites at the Capitol Complex including the Cultural Center and Museum. The Tolsia students also got to sit in on a legislative session, meet legislators and tour the Capitol building as well.

Tolsia High School Assistant Principal Mr. Ric Morrone said, “Tolsia High School is very active in providing opportunities for our students to see government in action. We feel this is a part of the process for students to be responsible citizens and for future success. Tolsia High always pursues the goal of aiding our graduates to be college and career ready upon graduation.”

For more information regarding this or any other programs at Tolsia High School contact Tolsia Principal Paula Staley at (304)646-5566.

Freshmen Orientation
Freshmen Orientation

*Tolsia High School Press Release*

Date: March 20th, 2019

From: Mr. Ric Morrone, Tolsia High CTE Administrator


Tolsia High School hosted an orientation program for incoming ninth grade students at the school for the 2019-2020 school term. Tuesday, March 19th, 2019 students from Fort Gay PK-8 and Crum PK-8 visited the school. Students attended an opening welcome activity and then rotated through various sessions. Sessions included: educational overview and program offerings at Tolsia High, preference sheets and technology tools were introduced in the media center. Career-Technical Programs were visited and information presented to everyone. Students also were given tours of the campus and facilities at Tolsia High.

The Tolsia High School Orientation program is coordinated by Tolsia High Counselor Mrs. Katlin Webb. Principal Paula Staley said, “I feel the orientation program provides a valuable experience and information that will aid students in the transition from middle school to high school over the next year. I want to thank all those that helped provide this program for our incoming students.”

If you need any more information regarding the Tolsia High Orientation Program contact Mrs. Paula Staley, Tolsia High Principal at (304) 648-5566

*Tolsia High Career-Technical Press Release*

Date: March 20th, 2019

From: Mr. Ric Morrone, Tolsia High CTE Administrator

Tolsia High School Turns “Green “for the Day

Tolsia High School recently hosted Marshall University President Dr. Jerome Gilbert and his staff for a day to meet with seniors. The visit was a part of the statewide initiative to bring the Marshall University Family to all parts of the mountain state.

The presentation was to Tolsia seniors and staff and was very informative regarding all aspects of the university and what they have to offer. Following a presentation by Dr. Gilbert and Marshall University staff, students were able to ask questions and get more information about Marshall University.

Tolsia High Principal Paula Staley said, “We are always excited when we can welcome such a distinguished guest as Dr. Gilbert. He and his staff did a wonderful job sharing with our students and staff today. Our goal is to provide linkage for our students to as many post-secondary opportunities as we can. The students graduating from Tolsia High School will be college and/or career ready and able to compete in the 21st century. I want to extend a thank you to Mrs. Katlin Webb, Tolsia High Counselor for coordinating the visit and to Marshall University for coming today.”

* For more information regarding Tolsia High. Contact Principal Paula Staley at (304) 648-5566.


Tolsia High School is home to both winners of the Wayne County “Young Writers” Competition, high school division. The competition  allows students to demonstrate their acuity in the areas of writing and composition. The winners will advance to the West Virginia State Young Writers Competition this spring.

Congratulations to Sean Osborne, senior and Josh Jett, freshman 

Tolsia High Principal Mrs. Paula Staley said, “We are very proud of our talented students who were recognized through this competition. This is another way that we want to promote academic excellence here at Tolsia High by providing opportunities for students to demonstrate their skills. We want to thank the staff for organizing the competition and wish the winners well at the county level.”

Tolsia High School
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Fort Gay, WV 25514
Phone:  304-648-5566
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