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For our students without internet access during the school closings, you can now get access from the Tolsia HS parking lot. Use the connection to access your work on Schoology. If your laptop memory is full, save packets to a USB drive or your Office 365 OneDrive account.

Schools Closed: Beginning March 16, 2020.

Check the Wayne County Schools website

or the West Virginia Department of Education

website for further details.

Advanced Placement Classes
Students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher are eligible to enroll. Each class cost $75.00


What are AP courses?

AP is short for Advanced Placement Courses. AP courses allow student to pursue college-level studies while still in high school. In more than 30 rigorous courses, each concluding in a difficult exam, AP courses provide willing academically prepared students with the opportunity to earn college credit and/or advanced placement.

AP Courses at Tolsia High School

AP Courses and Exams Offered on-site at THS

        English Language Composition

Grade 11                              Biology

        Physics I

        Calculus AB

Grade 12                              Physics II

        US Government & Politics

        English Literature & Composition

AP Courses Offered Online at THS

                 Art History

                 Calculus BC

                 Computer Science A

                 English Literature

                 Environmental Science

                 European History

                 French Language and Culture

                 Human Geography






                 World History

Exam Scoring & Granting of College Credit or Advanced Program Placement

Each May, students take an AP Course Exam which will determine what (if any) college credits or advanced program placement they will receive.

The AP exam score is a weighted combination of the student’s scores on the multiple-choice section and the free-response sections. The final score is reported on a 5-point scale:*

                5(pass) = Extremely well qualified

                4(pass) = Well qualified

                3(pass) = Qualified

                2(not pass) = Possibly qualified

                1(not pass) = No recommendation

*Colleges and universities are responsible for setting their own credit and placement policies

For most students, results indicate:

 AP Exam Score                  Grade equivalent in corresponding college courses

                5                                          A+ and A

                4                                          A-, B+ and B

                3                                          B-, C+, and C


THS AP Faculty

Roger Spry:                        Biology, Physics I, Physics II                       

Laura Smiley:                    Calculus AB                                       

Teresa Muncy:                   English Lit. + Comp., Literature + Comp.

Mark Marcum:                  Government + Politics

Katlin Christian-Webb:     AP Coordinator

Paula Staley:                    Administrative Contact

*Students and Parents need to pay all test fees at the beginning of the school year. Contact Mrs. Asbury for information.


Students who choose not to take the AP Exam:

                Lose AP course credit

                Class will count ONLY as a general requirement

                Letter Grades will not count as weighted

                Students will take an end course exam